Vein Center

vein centerAs an extension of our renowned vascular health care, Abrazo Arizona Heart Institute offers comprehensive vein services through our Vein Center. Our Vein Center was one of the first 25 vein centers to obtain accreditation in the country and remains one of fewer than 100 nationwide to be IAC accredited.

At the Vein Center, patients can receive treatment for a number of vascular conditions, including varicose veins. Unlike other practices, our treatment for varicose veins extends beyond the cosmetic because we know that this form of vascular disease can cause serious health problems such as pain, swelling, blood clots, ulcers, and limited mobility.

Our team of vascular experts use advanced technology for treating vein disorders so that our patients experience minimal discomfort and a quick recovery. Using innovative techniques like endovenous laser ablation, we can prevent health complications caused by varicose veins while also addressing their appearance.

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